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Bal Ramayan Mini Musical




9 Weeks (Saturdays)

About the Course

Buzy Bugs and SDA are excited to bring Bal Ramayan Musical -a curated theatre presentation of the Greatest Indian mythological tale for children and by children. Students will learn and rehearse the story of Ram, Ravan, Sita and Hanuman, replete with as much drama and music as innocence and fun.

Our special program will be conducted over 9 sessions culminating in an immersive experience involving performance, sets, props and costumes. Children will bring to life the revered characters of Indian mythology. Parents, friends and family will have a chance to enjoy a live showcase of the epic story of righteousness, willpower, bravery and the victory of good over evil.


Ages: 4 years+

Dates: Saturdays, September 23- December 2nd (No class 10/7, 11/25)

Location: Boys & Girls Club JC (225 Morris Blvd. Jersey City)

Times: 10:00 am - 11:00 am (Ms. Apnavi + Ms Hiral)

11:00 am - 12:00 pm (Ms. Apnavi + Ms Hiral)

Semester Fees: $300 (The semester fee includes the price of one costume)

*Please note that some performance opportunities may have ticketing charges.

Bal Ramayan sessions will be a mix of storytelling and role-play geared toward the final showcase as well as creation of props using Indian art forms for the mini musical. Bal Ramayan sessions will be a mix of storytelling, music, crafts and theatre geared toward the final showcase.

Our mentally and morally stimulating program aims to impart:

  • Values and Learnings from Ramayan

  • Deeper cultural and moral understanding through subplots and characters

  • Public Speaking and Emotive Expression

  • Creativity through story-related crafts and props

  • Body Language and Performance Skills

  • Teamwork and collaboration

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